Cornelia Popa

for the love of books

Kimball Theatre Organ

   The inspiration for this book came from a visit to the National Music Centre in Calgary. It was a hot summer day outside, as hot as it can be in Calgary! As I entered into the silent coolness of the National Music Centre, a part of the history got revealed before my eyes through the old musical instruments and the voice of the group's guide. I don't know if it was the passion of the guide picturing the history of music or the patient waiting of the instruments, but a "story feeling" enveloped me and got expressed through this book. I hope "Kimball Theatre Organ" will pass on to you the desire of knowing more.

   Here is the abstract of the book:

   When 11-year-old Johnny is loaded on a plane and sent to spend Christmas and New Years with relatives he barely knows in Alberta, Canada, he is not happy. But, as he gets to know his cousins, aunt, uncle and grandma better he discovers things might not be so bad after all. With his 12-year-old cousin Anna, he discovers treasures from the past in the attic and is enthralled with a room with three walls of nothing but books. And, while his parents are off to Europe on vacation, he discovers the magical sounds of an old Kimball Theatre Organ in his aunt and uncle’s basement. But a greedy man covets the organ and, when Grandma Joan refuses to sell it, he tries to force her hand. Johnny saves the day when he alerts everyone about the fire burning down the horses' stable. Later, he and Anna discover a piece of evidence that points police directly to the arsonist.


   As Johnny discovers the real reason why he was parted from his parents over the holidays, he better understands the importance of family, love and support.